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Amazing Long Island LI NYC Wedding Photographs

All of my bride’s hope for beautiful sunny blue skies on their wedding days. As a photographer I tell them that I hope it will be cloudy and overcast during their wedding photo session and then have the sun break through for the rest of the big day. Overcast skies are simply the best for portrait photography. The soft diffuse light is flattering and glamourous as opposed to the harsh lighting of direct sunlight. Clouds in the sky make for much more dramatic images as evidenced by this panoramic landscape created at The Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Oakdale, New York. I never wish for any bride to have bad weather on her wedding day but you should know that cloudy and overcast skies offer photo opportunities that simply don’t exist on clear days. Rest assured, you should not worry about bad weather on your wedding day. A great photographer will be able to make the most of any location on your big day. Thirty plus years of experience as a Long Island and New York City wedding photographer has exposed me to every possible weather scenario you can imagine. I look at inclement weather as a challenge...a way to create beautiful wedding pictures that just couldn’t be made on a beautiful day. You can’t change the weather so make the best of it with a creative and resourceful photographer. Mother Nature may not always cooperate but don’t let her dampen your spirit and enthusiasm.