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Awesome Long Island Wedding Photos

The bride’s preparations on her wedding day is one the most wonderful times of the big day. As a professional wedding photographer taking pictures at the bride’s house, or the hotel room/bridal suite that she is getting ready in, is truly one of my favorite times of the day. Hair styling is finished. Make up artistry is complete. Wedding flowers, bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres have been delivered. All that remains is for the bride to step into her fabulous wedding dress. Soon thereafter she will be walking down the aisle and her groom will see her for the first time in the gown, but in these last few minutes I always try to capture a picture of the bride in this reflective moment. As a photographer I am a big fan of available light. The natural light that falls on any location lends so much of an authentic feel to the wedding pictures. My bride’s today want a natural, candid, organic, casual look to their photographs and there is nothing like natural available light to make that happen. Using light like this is not an easy proposition. Your photographer must be highly skilled and thoroughly experienced to capture a scene such as this one...shooting directly into the window that is illuminating the bride’s face and her designer wedding dress perfectly. While some photographers would take the easy way out and just photograph the bride with a flash unit, I think it is worth the extra effort to use the best possible lighting to render my subjects as beautifully as possible.