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A classical portrait of a beautiful bride created before her wedding ceremony while she and her bridal attendants prepared for the big day. Long before she walked up the aisle and her groom saw her for the first time, I was already at work capturing her stunning beauty. Using the soft available light streaming in from a window in her home, I placed the bride in a comfortable position and asked her to gaze softly out the window. The beautiful natural light was incredibly flattering and the resulting portrait is what you are seeing here.I love capturing my bride’s beauty right after she has gotten ready for the big day. Everything is perfect at this point...hairstyling, makeup, wardrobe...everything. Sometimes I find my brides a little nervous at this time of the day and I work calmly, and at her pace, to make everyone as comfortable and relaxed as possible in front of the camera.Rest assured that I will use every bit of my technical expertise and state-of-the-art camera equipment to it’s full potential. More importantly, years of experience has exposed me to every conceivable wedding day scenario and thousands of brides...each with their own unique personality. You will be comfortable on your wedding day. You will be breathtakingly beautiful and I will put my heart and soul into capturing your beauty for a lifetime of wonderful memories.