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Best Church Wedding Pictures Long Island

This stunning portrait of the bride and groom was taken immediately after their wedding ceremony at St. Barnabas RC Church in Bellmore, New York. The location any bride and groom chooses for the exchange of wedding rings and vows is one of the most important considerations they have when planning their wedding. I make it a point at every single wedding that I photograph to take a picture of the bride and groom in that wonderful place. These shots lend themselves perfectly to showcasing a full length photograph of the bride in her beautiful wedding dress alongside the groom in his designer tuxedo. The amazing architecture, the exquisite stained glass and the beautifully appointed altar makes the perfect backdrop for elegant wedding portraits. In just a few minutes the newlyweds will exit the church and greet the crowd of friends and family that came to celebrate this moment with them. Rice will be thrown, bubbles blown and balloons released as the bride and groom leave the church with their wedding party to head off for some fun photographs prior to their wedding reception. Your wedding photography should include not just all of those candid, fun moments but also all of the elegant details that make up the theme of your wedding. Choose a photographer that is proficient at both...a characteristic that is only shared by a few select photographers with years of experience and tons of enthusiasm. If that is what you’re looking for, call me.