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Best Garden City Hotel wedding photographer

So what does this casual beach photograph have to do with one of the most elegant, upscale wedding venues on Long Island? Funny you should ask. Let me explain.This bride and groom grew up here in New York yet moved away to Chicago after college to pursue their respective careers. When the time came for their wedding the plans were made largely by their parents here in NY. The couple, however, insisted on choosing their photographer as their wedding photographs were very important to them. In doing their research they came upon my web site and fell in love with my images. We talked a few times on the phone and finally met in person, when they returned to New York for a holiday visit.Their wedding reception was to be held at one of the most prestigious catering venues in the greater New York area, yet the bride and groom had a much more candid and casual style in mind for their wedding pictures. One of the services I offer to my clients is a pre-wedding or post-wedding couture photography session. This is a second day of shooting done at location(s) of your choice. Sometimes they are held in New York City using Grand Central Station, the NYC Library, Central Park, Times Square and Washington Square Park as backdrops. I have done sessions on the north fork of Long Island in the wine country using the splendid backdrops of Long Island’s famous wineries. The image you are looking at here was done on the jetty at Crab Meadow Beach in my home town of Northport, NY.The so-called "trash-the-dress" sessions were popular a few years back. Today’s couture sessions usually revolve around creating dramatic and dynamic images that would be impossible to coordinate logistically on the actual wedding day. I love doing these sessions and welcome collaborating with you to make any of your photographic dreams come true.