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Best Long Island NYC Wedding Photos With Pets

What’s not to love about this wedding portrait? What’s not to love about a beautiful bride and her adorable pet dog? I often get asked to photograph my bride and groom with their cherished furry friends. I can’t even remember the amount of times I’ve taken wedding photographs that include the family pet. I’ve done family group shots where the family pet is considered just as much a part of the family unit as the people in the group. I’ve done shots of dogs, cats, rabbits and Guinea pigs in the arms of the bride or groom. I even had one client, many years ago, who scheduled a studio portrait session the day before the wedding just to do photographs with their dog, "Tex". He had all the right accessories. Little doggie formal attire including a bow tie and white cuffs with cufflinks. So adorable. The little guy pictured here, "Gizmo" was sporting a simple white ribbon on his head and posed ever so perfectly for this adorable portrait with the beautiful bride. If you’re planning on having a portrait made with your pet on your wedding day, let me know. I can offer some great advice on how to make this portrait special.