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Best Long Island Wedding Photos

I love capturing this moment on a couple’s wedding day. They have just exchanged vows and rings....pledging their lives to one another in front of their families and friends. At the end of their wedding ceremony they lead the bridal party recessional down the aisle in the church as the guests look on and applaud. I loved the look on this couple’s faces as they stopped to look at each other (at my direction). My assistant positioned himself behind the couple and illuminated them from the rear putting a beautiful glow on the bride’s veil and creating a wonderful rim light around the bride and groom’s profiles. After the recessional I would bring the couple back into the church and create additional photographs of them using their beautiful house of worship as the background for some elegant and romantic full length portraits which showcase the bride’s beautiful wedding dress. Your wedding gown is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for the day you waited a lifetime for. Be sure that your professional wedding photographer captures an assortment of pictures that will show all the detail and splendor of your bridal gown.