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Carltun on the Park Wedding Photography

I love this picture of the bride and her parents. Not a traditional "pose" by any means, this image captured exactly what was going on at this moment. Due to circumstances beyond her control, the bride was running very late getting ready for the big day. Her parents were sitting on the sofa waiting for their daughter to emerge from her bedroom to be seen in her wedding gown for the first time. When she made her appearance I positioned her in the light that was streaming into the room from a window. I focused my camera on the magnificent detail in the wedding dress leaving the bride’s parents out of focus, proudly looking at their daughter, in the background. After this picture was made we left for church where her father would escort her up the aisle where her husband would see her in her wedding gown for the first time. After church the bridal party travelled to Northport Harbor Village Park for some fun wedding pictures. Then it was on to one of Nassau County’s premier wedding reception venues for a night of dining and dancing with friends and family.