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Cool Wedding Ring Pictures

At every wedding I take pictures of the bride and groom’s wedding rings and often the engagement ring, too. I challenge myself to come up with different ideas for taking pictures of the rings and you will see many of them here on this web site. I place the rings on the wedding invitation, inside the petals of the flowers in the bride’s bouquet, on the heel of her wedding shoes, on top of a reflective glass or marble table and even, at Christmas time, suspended in the hook of a candy cane. This shot here has to be the only shot I ever took without ever removing the ring from it’s jewelry box. Why? Because this was the coolest ring box ever! It had it’s own tiny battery operated light built into the box and gave the ring this warm, elegant glow when the box was opened. Thirty years of shooting weddings and I thought I’ve seen everything many times over. This was the only self-illuminating wedding ring box I’ve ever encountered in my career.