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Collectible Fine Art Photography Cold Spring Harbor New York

Sometimes capturing great images is very serendipitous in just happen to be in the right place at the right time with your camera. Other shots are carefully planned and crafted and this is a prime example of an image that I saw in my mind before I ever released the shutter. This beautiful location is just 15 minutes from my home. I’ve seen it thousands of times and one year I made it my mission to capture it’s fall foliage in all of it’s splendor. I visited the spot every two or three days as the fall foliage started to come into it’s own. I decided one day that "tomorrow morning" would be the perfect day for the photograph. I awoke before sunrise and went to the spot from which I planned to make the picture. As the sun rose over the hill behind me I watched the shadow of that hill descend from top to bottom in the scene before me. Just as the shadow line reached the waterline I released the shutter of my Nikon camera and it was over. All it took was one shot....and weeks of preparation.