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Collectible Fine Art Photography Florida Orange Grove

"Redemption". If you’ve been reading carefully throughout your visit to my web site you’ll know by now that I am an avid motorcyclist and have ridden more than a quarter million miles on two wheels in my lifetime. I have made a total of three round trips to Key West, Florida, the southernmost point in the United States, from my home on Long Island, NY. This image, "Redemption" was created during one of those trips. After leaving Key West I rode over to the west coast of Florida to a town north of Tampa to visit my Mom. After spending a few days I continued north on my Harley-Davidson motorcycle heading back to New York. I left before dawn on a cold (by Florida standards) winter day in March 2006. As I headed north I passed this dormant orange grove right about sunrise. The low-lying fog coming off the warm ground meeting the cold air created this eerie looking scene. I was taken by the way the color of the sun was piercing the otherwise colorless, monochromatic landscape. I further enhanced that feeling by dropping the color out of the sky when post-processing the image. This, as all of my collectible, limited edition, fine art photographs is available to collectors through the various galleries that offer my works for acquisition and are also available artist-direct by contacting me through this web site.