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Collectible Fine Art Photography Harbor at Northport NY

A beautiful view of the municipal village dock in my hometown of Northport, New York. It is rare to see this dock without any people on it. It is the focal point of this quaint little Long Island village and usually has dozens of people on it at any given time...especially in nice weather. To get this deserted shot I had to visit the dock an hour before dawn on a cold winter morning. I set my Nikon camera up on a tripod next to my pick up truck and used the headlights of the truck to illuminate the length of the pier. Color balancing for the tungsten lights of the truck, and the ones on the dock, yielded an deep blue color in the sky and the water which was just starting to be illuminated by the rising sun. I have lived in Northport, NY since 1979...the better part of my life, so I consider the Village my home town. This dock is located at the foot of Main Street on Northport Harbor. As you leave the harbor you cross Northport Bay, then Huntington Bay where you head out into the Long Island Sound, the large body of water between Long Island and the state of Connecticut. The town dock is a popular destination for visiting boats from Connecticut and the village welcomes them with many restaurants, pubs, art galleries and gift shops. Like all of the other images seen here in the Fine Art section of this web site "After Hours" is available for acquisition directly from my studio or through any of the fine art photography galleries that offer my works.