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Collectible Fine Art Photography Northport Bay NY

"High and Dry". This photograph was taken at Hobart Beach on Eaton’s Neck, a waterfront neighborhood which is part of the village of Northport, New York. In late February, 2013 a major winter nor’easter struck this area and this boat was one of the casualties of this ferocious storm. Torn away from it’s mooring it wound up beached on the sand on the north side of Huntington Bay. Eaton’s Neck is connected to the mainland by a strip of roadway through the village of Asharoken, NY. The only road out to Eaton’s Neck was completely impassable for a couple of days after the storm. This picture was taken a few days later as a beautiful sunrise came up over the horizon in this storm-ravaged location. The technology in digital photography moves forward at an alarming rate. What is state-of-the-art one day is obsolete the next. What does that have to do with this image? For starters it was one of the first captures I ever made with a mirrorless compact camera. My 6+ pound digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera was left at home this morning and exchanged for a 23 ounce compact marvel. The light weight and diminutive size are just the beginning. The camera has the ability to auto-bracket RAW exposures at up to 6 frames per second making hand held HDR composites, (another relatively new digital technique) like this one, a reality. It is a great time to be an image maker and I’m excited to see what further future advances are made.