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Nelson Nevada Ghost Town Las Vegas Sunrise

There is nothing quite like the quality of light at sunrise in the desert and this image is a perfect example. This was taken at the "Ghost Town" in Nelson, Nevada…about 45 miles southeast of the Las Vegas strip. Not actually a ghost town…more of a tourist trap…an overwhelming eclectic collection of old automobiles, trucks and even an airplane strewn around a small property with a dozen or so antique buildings thereon. This image was taken during the 2017 Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas. 15,000 photographers were in town for the convention but myself and a good friend had the entire property to ourselves at sunrise. Hard to believe. I guess the other 14,000+ stayed up and partied a little too much the night before. This was my second visit to Nelson…population 37. That’s not a typo. The town of Nelson, a group of single wide trailers and very small homes is just up the road from this spot. Other pictures from this location can be found here in the Fine Art section of my web site. All of my collectible fine art editions are available artist-direct. Simply use the email link on the contact page to reach out to me. Stay tuned for more images from this crazy place.