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Garden City Hotel Wedding Pictures

Some of my favorite images from any given wedding are the ones I create when the bride is getting ready for the big day ahead. I love capturing the interaction between the bride and her bridesmaids, her maid of honor and her parents. I also love those intimate reflective moments that the bride has to herself. This image was created in the bride’s room at the fabulous Garden City Hotel, a true five star hotel located in Nassau County, New York. It rivals the finest NYC luxury hotels in services and ambience and is truly one of the most elegant, prestigious wedding venues anywhere. I staged this moment just before the bride was about to put on her wedding dress. The gown was hanging over the window in her suite and I positioned the bride in such a manner that her face would be illuminated while the rest of her fell into shadow. The soft rim light effect on her face compliments the delicate manner in which she is holding and looking at her designer bridal gown. Even though this shot had to be "posed" to make the spectacular, yet difficult, lighting work it still takes on a natural, organic, photojournalistic look that so many brides want in their wedding pictures these days. If you are looking for natural, candid, spontaneous photographs on your wedding day; executed in an artistic and professional manner, give me a call. I’m probably the best photographer for your wedding.