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Great Black and White Wedding Pictures Photos

Black and White photography is an art form unto itself. Simply removing the color from an image does not make it a great black and white image. In order to create a black and white image with real impact the image should contain bright whites, deep dark blacks and dozens of shades of grey in between. The most celebrated photographer of all time, Ansel Adams, pioneered the zone system wherein all of these sales of black, grey and white could be displayed on the finished printed image. Simply removing the color from an image does not make it a good black and white image. You can do that with your smartphone or Instagram app. When shopping for your wedding photographer take a good close look at their black and white images. They should have immediate impact and incredible detail. The reason I am able to deliver, to my clients, black and white wedding pictures with such impact is that I had spent more than 20 years in a black and white darkroom and know how to translate the fundamentals of black and white imaging into today’s digital world. This wonderful portrait of the groom was taken just minutes before the reveal…the first look…when he would see his bride for the first time in her wedding dress. The portrait was captured in the Gentlemen’s suite at their incredible wedding venue, Giorgio’s on the north fork of Long Island, New York.