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Great Long Island Wedding Pictures

Loved this picture of this stunning bride staring straight into my camera with those beautiful blue eyes. Captivating. It looks as if she is looking right out at she knows how to "work it" for the camera. Funny thing is it is not the bride in this picture, but the groom, that knows how to engage the camera. You see, he is a television personality... a sportscaster for FOX networks. I know I’m teasing you here by showing you just a bit of his face. See if you can recognize him. I love the way this style of portrait looks and I do it "in reverse", too...showing all of the grooms face and just a portion of the bride’s. People always advocate "Thinking outside the box" but very few wedding photographers have the vision or guts to do so. Sure, I do traditional posed portraits, too (and your parents and grandparents will be glad I did), but most of my clients enjoy and expect me to create something just a little edgy for them on their wedding days. I’d like to think I did that with this intimate portrait and would love the opportunity to do something special for you, too.