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It’s his day, too. many wedding photographers spend their entire wedding assignment day hovering over the bride and treating the groom like an accessory. How unfair. The groom is half of the wedding couple and should be properly represented in the photographs your professional photographer captures for you. Yes, of course I love the time I spend with the bride and her bridesmaids when they are preparing for the big day ahead. But the groom is enjoying an equally special time that day as well. The same happiness that the girls are experiencing is being felt by the guys as well (usually fueled by a couple of cold beers and the requisite "ball-and-chain" jokes). Sure, it’s traditional to photograph the bride as she gets ready for the day ahead...putting on her gown and veil...having final hairstyle and makeup touches taken care of. The groom has these moments, too and I love the quiet pensive look on this handsome groom’s face as he puts the finishing touches of his formal wear together. In just an hour or so will be the reveal...the first look...when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on the big day. But the time beforehand is a very special time for both of them. Make sure your professional wedding photographer captures the entire story.