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Indian Wedding Pictures Long Island NYC

I took this photograph recently at an Indian wedding...a two day event which started out in Suffolk County, Long Island and finished at a beautiful waterfront catering establishment near the World’s Fair grounds just outside New York City NYC. This completely candid photograph, captured during the traditional Indian wedding ceremony shows the beautifull Henna tattoo work on the bride’s hands. Traditionally referred to as Mehndi in India, Henna is used to decorate the hands and feet of the bride...usually the night before her wedding in the company of female friends and family members. Often the friends and relatives of the bride sing traditional folk songs about Mehndi during the gathering. The elaborate henna designs often incorporate floral images. Many of the flowers used in the design represent fertility and are said to bless the bride and groom with a healthy family in the future. Some state that it is tradition to incorporate the name of the groom within the Henna design, most often applied on the right palm of the bride's hand.