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Long Island Best Wedding Pictures

Here is an example of a wedding photograph that I consider to be photojournalistic in nature. A wedding day, and your finished custom-designed bound wedding album is not just about portraits. Your wedding album should tell the story of your wedding day paying attention to all of the little details and all of the precious moments. I loved this shot of the groom placing the wedding ring on his bride’s finger after taking his vows on the altar of church. The camera is focused on the couple’s hands with all the surrounding elements falling out of focus to draw the viewer’s eye to the important action. Images such as these, even though they don’t include the couple’s faces, are very powerful story-telling images that enhance your professional wedding photograph collection. The best wedding photographers will be masters of fine portraiture...being able to capture you at your absolute radiant, glamorous, beautiful best. That same photographer must have the photojournalism skills, equipment and experience to capture simple moments in this one...which pack so much emotion into the story of your wedding day.