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Long Island North Fork Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography

Gotta’ love these couture wedding photography sessions. They are getting extremely popular these days and for good reason. It gives the bride, the groom and their photographer the time and opportunity to create awesome photographs that probably were not possible to capture on the wedding day. The trend started years ago with the "Trash The Dress" craze, where brides would put on their wedding gown after the wedding day and do outlandish things in that wonderful dress. It has now evolved into what people are referring to as second day shoots or couture wedding photography sessions. This image was created as part of a couture wedding photography session. I offer these sessions to special couples who are looking for more than the average wedding photography services that the majority of New York’s wedding photographers offer. This particular couple held their wedding reception at the Bourne Mansion on the south shore of Long Island in Sayville, NY, but had the idea to create some really rustic images out on the north fork of Long Island in the wine that really captured their true free spirits. We started the day by taking some awesome photographs of the couple, with their Harley-Davidson motorcycle, in front of a vintage service station...finishing the images in a sepia tone to create a real old fashioned look in the photos. Later in the day the bride and groom changed outfits...the groom wearing a 3 piece suit, sans jacket, and the bride wearing a sexy light white dress and scarlet red shoes. As the sun began to set we created this image in a field in Riverhead, New York. After a few more locations in Long Island’s wine country, we finished the session with an amazing sunset on a beach overlooking Long Island Sound. A few pictures from this session are here on my web site for you to peruse. Their entire wedding album, comprised of more than 200 pictures from their wedding day and this session is on display in my studio and gallery. I love doing these pre-wedding or post-wedding couture photography sessions. It is a joy to collaborate with the couples who engage in these sessions and to create the kind of images that capture their true personalities in locations that are truly special to them. I firmly believe that your wedding album is the first heirloom a couple creates as man and wife and that it is something that will be shared and enjoyed for generations to come. Doing a couture wedding photography session may not be for everyone, but those that make the commitment to do so make the ultimate statement about their love for each other and the things they love to do together. I would love to be entrusted with the responsibility of capturing all of your memories on your wedding day and I live for the privilege engaging in a truly creative endeavor with you...your couture wedding photography session.