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Long Island Wedding Pictures

How cute is this wedding pic? Just a simple hug between the bride and groom was made special by focusing solely on the groom’s hands around the bride’s waist and forming a heart shaped by the fingers on his hands. Not only is this a romantic shot but it is also a nice detail shot of the handiwork on the bride’s beautiful wedding dress. My only regret in looking at this picture now is that the groom is not wearing his wedding ring. Like most couples nowadays, the bride and groom had a reveal...a first look...before the ceremony. By doing so they get all of their formal, posed pictures out of the way ahead of time so they can enjoy every minute of their celebration after the exchange of vows and rings. (The groom, therefore, was not wearing his wedding band yet). Other reasons to see each other before the ceremony? Everyone looks their absolute best at this point. Hair and make-up were just done and look perfect. Tuxedos and shirts are sharply pressed; bridesmaids dresses are unwrinkled right off the hangers. A loose itinerary can be made and there is no stress from any delays that may occur later in the day. Be that couple! If you are not allowing substantial time between your ceremony and reception to create wonderful wedding photographs, set up a pre-ceremony photo session and enjoy your entire party with your friends and family afterwards.