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marina del rey bronx NYC best wedding photographer

Another wonderful image from one of my favorite New York City (NYC) catering venues, Marina del Rey in the Bronx. This was one absolutely beautiful and animated bride. On her wedding day I captured every imaginable emotion and feeling. Starting in her home in Manhattan Beach, where all of her preparations for the big day were created, this stunning bride posed in classical fashion as well as in a casual demeanor. Her groom saw her for the first time as she walked up the aisle of a magnificent cathedral in Brooklyn, NY. After the ceremony we used the church as a backdrop for some truly dramatic full length poses which showed off every detail of her amazing wedding gown.We then travelled to Marina del Rey where I created portraits of the bride and groom, their bridesmaids and groomsmen, and their immediate and extended families. My style of photography revolves around me directing you, not posing you in a stiff, uncomfortable manner. I find that my brides love this casual approach that leads to fun, animated photographs such as this one. I’m often told by skeptical brides that they don’t think they could be as animated as this. I reassure them that a spontaneous shot like this one comes naturally through the casual direction that I provide. Great moments don’t just happen. They are made to order by the right photographer.If you are planning a wedding and are concerned about how photogenic you may or may not be, I urge you to come visit me at my studio to discuss your plans for the big day. It is my job, and my mission, to make you look your absolute best on your wedding day. I would be honored if you grant me the privilege to do so.