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NYC Long Island Wedding Pictures

Beautiful bride. Beautiful portrait. Taken in a beautiful location...the lobby of the Venetian Yacht Club, one of Long Island’s most elegant waterfront wedding celebration venues. This picture was taken in the morning before the couple’s scheduled wedding ceremony at Noon. Rain was cascading down from the heavens outside but I told my bride not to let it dampen her spirit. The natural, available light which streams into this area that time of day makes for some of the most flattering, glamourous lighting by which to create stunning wedding portraits. I always try to impress upon my clients the importance of great light. Light is what makes the photograph. The background is secondary. In this particular shot I used a camera technique to render the background out of focus thereby drawing the viewer’s eyes into this amazingly beautiful bride. Great retouching techniques using Photoshop made her already smooth complexion perfect. All brides are beautiful...or so the saying goes. It is the duty of your professional wedding photographer to capture that beauty by calling upon all of his knowledge and experience on any given day...regardless of weather conditions.