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Oceanbleu Hamptons Beach Wedding Pictures

One of the words I often hear when people are describing my wedding photography is "Timeless". I accept that as one of the greatest compliments that someone can pay me. Fads may come and go; fashion, make up and hair styles change from year to year. New catering venues with contemporary food choices are constantly appearing in the New York wedding scene. Whatever the theme or your wedding is you will want to relive it through your bridal photography for generations to come. That is where the word "Timeless" is so important.I still recall everything about this bride, her venue and the party her and her groom threw on this warm, sunny afternoon in The Hamptons...playground of the rich and famous...home to the celebrities...on the south fork of Long Island. The event was catered by Oceanbleu at The Westhampton Bath and Tennis Club in Westhampton Beach, New York. Every weekend in the summer residents of NYC and beyond retreat to the ocean breezes and beaches of the Hamptons on eastern Long Island. What a perfect venue for a beachfront wedding.I created this photograph almost 20 years ago. It was shot on film, not a modern digital camera, yet it has a timeless elegance that defies being dated. This absolutely stunning bride, Fiona, wore this incredible headpiece that I can only describe as being unique. In 30 years of being a wedding photographer I have only seen a headpiece like this one time. She wore it well. She rocked it!If you are planning a beach wedding at Oceanbleu or any other venue in the Hamptons or Montauk give me a call. The south fork of Long Island is one of my favorite spots on earth. I’ve spent a lot of time out east; not just engaging in my wedding photography, but also in pursuit of many of my personal fine art photography projects.