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planting fields oyster bay NY mansion wedding photography

Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, Nassau County, New York has to be one of the most popular destinations around for brides and grooms on Long Island. On any given Saturday from May through October one is liable to encounter a half a dozen or more bridal parties here at any given time. Yet the various locations for fine photography inside the park are so numerous that you may rarely run into one another. I have been creating stunning wedding images at Planting Fields for more than 30 years and the place still never gets old. In the springtime there are cherry blossoms and dogwood trees in bloom. In the summer the rose garden is beyond comparison. When the fall foliage appears the park comes alive with the vibrant colors of autumn.This image was created under the arches of Coe Hall, the stately old Gold Coast mansion located on the property. Anyone who has visited this property will recognize immediately that something is amiss here. Coe hall does not overlook the water! Ahhhh....the magic of Photoshop. This image is actually a composite of two separate images; one of the bride and groom under the arches and a second of an elevated view of the body of water known as Long Island Sound. Though this picture was actually taken on this bride and groom’s wedding day, this finished composite image has become a popular choice for my clients who retain my services to do a pre-wedding or post-wedding couture photography session.Photoshop is not a band-aid for poor photographic skills (though a lot of less than adequate photographers rely heavily on it to make their images acceptable). To the contrary, I think it is just another tool that accomplished photographers have at their disposal to create extraordinary photographs. Like any other tool you become more proficient with it over time. I have been using Photoshop for more than 20 years...long before the days of digital photographic capture. Early on I would scan my film images into the computer and manipulate them digitally for extraordinary results. Toady the retouching and enhancement capabilities of Photoshop are employed in virtually every single image to make it the best that it can possibly make you look as beautiful, glamourous and elegant as you deserve to be on your wedding day. When you come to visit me at my studio I will be showing you extensive examples of the kind of retouching and enhancement techniques I use to make you and your photographs look fabulous. I have experience creating wedding photographs, not only at Coe Hall, but also at all of Long Island’s mansions including Oheka Castle, The Mansion at deSeversky Conference Center, The Glen Cove Mansion, The Royalton at Roslyn Country Club and The Bourne Mansion.