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Best Newborn Studio Photographer Long Island New York

I call myself a "Conceptual Portraiture" artist and this is a photograph that may help you understand the title. This is my idea for a truly intimate portrait of a father with his newborn daughter that captures the love between a parent and their first born. I titled this image "She’s Perfect" when I entered this image into various professional photography competitions. I entered this image into the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) print competition where it scored 86 points and was brought back for review in consideration for one of the most prestigious awards in the professional photography community. There are countless people out there calling themselves newborn photographers. If you look around at their web sites you will find a lot of routine images. After all, it isn’t too tough to take a nice picture of a beautiful newborn baby laying peacefully asleep in some ready-made studio prop. I do it all the time and my clients love the images I create. What’s not to love? They are pictures of their greatest gift...that miracle that is a newborn child. In my newborn sessions I try to go a step beyond. A cut above. Rather than just taking pictures of a peacefully resting beautiful baby I try to create images that truly celebrate the miracle of birth and the unconditional love that a new mother or father has for their child. I do a lot of newborn sessions in my East Northport, NY studio. Most of my clients are former bridal customers who are starting families of their own. When their friends see my pictures they schedule me for a session, too. And scheduling is most important. I insist that these sessions take place during the first seven to ten days of the baby’s life. They are only this small, this vulnerable, this precious for a very short period of time. By the time they are a month old they have doubled in size and this amazing stage of their life is gone forever. If you’re expecting a child, or want to give the gift of a newborn photography session to someone you know, call my studio at the time of the baby’s birth and I’ll make the time in my calendar to create one of these wonderful masterpiece photographs for you or your loved ones.