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Female Bodybuilding Fitness Swimwear Model Photographer Long Island

The old adage that "It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta’ do it" is really not true when it comes to photographing professional or amateur fitness, swimwear and lingerie models. Sure it’s tough to take an unflattering photograph of a toned, fit model; but to make a great image of these athletes you must, as the photographer, have a strong versatile skill set. You must know how to properly pose the model to accent her strong points while hiding any flaws. The lighting used in the photographs is complex. I often use four or five lights in my East Northport, Long Island studio to accent different parts of the body, to highlight hair and to create the tonal contrast necessary to show off a great set of abs or well-toned arms. My clients can be some of the most demanding folks out there. They deserve to be. They have worked so hard for so long, using more dedication and sacrifice than most people could even imagine to reach the levels of physical fitness that they have. You may just be creating a wonderful image for yourself to document all the time and effort you put into attaining your gains and goals. You might be in need of a new image for your web site as a model or personal trainer. Or you may be a manufacturer of diet and fitness products and supplements looking for a powerful image for your brand. Regardless of your needs, I’m the photographer here on LI to help you get that shot.