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Fitness Bodybuilding Photography NYC Long Island

This extraordinary image is a digital composite...a technique I employ on a regular basis to achieve the creative vision I have for a finished picture. I first photographed the amazing athlete in my East Northport, Long Island studio. I then photographed a few vintage boxing posters and composited them together in Photoshop to create the wall behind my subject. The image was then converted to a classic black and white version which enhanced the dramatic feel of the powerful image. As a conceptual portrait artist I am often called upon to create images that capture the true essence of a character or to create composite images when logistic or budgetary considerations prevent a shoot from actually taking place on location. Sometimes, as is the case here, the location had to be created from scratch. Fitness models, athletes and bodybuilders are common subjects in my New York studio. You’ve just got to appreciate the hard work and discipline required to carve out such a chiseled, muscular physique. If you are looking for a fitness photography specialist to capture your advertising or promotional images give me a call.