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I love taking photographs of fitness models, athletes, swimwear models, personal trainers and the like. You’ve got to admire the dedication they have to developing and maintaining their incredible physiques. Photography such as this requires a special skill set of the photographer. I must use multiple, carefully-placed, light sources that accentuate the strong points on the model’s body. I’m often asked for more dramatic images in Black & White which demands another set of professional photographic skills. It doesn’t matter if my subject is male or female, a performance athlete or a swimwear and lingerie model; I must use all of my knowledge of posing, lighting and post-production to insure that every unique individual looks their absolute best. You may wind up in front of my camera for a number of reasons. Many of the fitness models I have the pleasure of photographing have reached the "Pro" level and are endorsing fitness product manufacturers that sponsor them. Sometimes fitness instructors retain my photography services to create a new professional image for use on their web sites, business cards or web and print advertising. Some models approach me; and return to me over and over, to document certain physical performance goals reached. Whatever your particular needs are you can count on this photographer to produce dramatic, exciting, professional images to showcase your athletic lifestyle.