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This conceptual portrait is one of my favorite photographic creations. I had been envisioning this shot for years, having captured the background image at a large southern university while on a motorcycle road trip a while back. I originally planned on doing the digital composite with a male athlete...perhaps a football player in full uniform. Then I had the pleasure of being introduced to the model you see here, Coryn Martin, who is a WBBF Pro (World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation). It struck me right away that this beautiful dedicated model trains as hard, and sacrifices as much, as any professional athlete. I asked her to collaborate with me on this image and the results are what you are viewing right now. I have since created some other shots of this accomplished athlete which were used in the advertising efforts of one of her corporate sponsors.Advertising agencies, public relations firms and corporate marketing people should take notice here. Digital compositions like this one are a cost effective alternative to high budget, time consuming, location productions and photo shoots. The talent (be it a model, executive or celebrity) can be photographed right in the studio of Michael ONeill Fine Art (as Coryn was here). Alternatively Michael can travel to a more convenient spot for your subject (Your offices, a hotel or conference center, an entertainment venue, etc) and conduct the photo session there. Then Michael will photograph the background location of your choice and composite (combine) the two images together in a complimentary manner to effect a dramatic, finished photographic masterpiece.Whatever your needs are...eye-catching images for print or point-of-purchase advertising, dynamic images for your company’s web site, powerful images of your corporate executives for annual reports and other communications...Michael ONeill has the imagination, creativity and talent to bring your vision to fruition.