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NY Creative Conceptual Portraits for Advertising Editorial NYC

This is another fine example of what digital compositing can do for making a powerful and dramatic portrait image. The subject in this picture was photographed in my East Northport, New York studio. The background image was taken at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA. The two images were combined using various digital manipulation processes and resulted in the finished image you are viewing here. Creative directors, art directors and corporate communications professionals should take notice here. By employing digital compositing techniques, logistical and budgetary concerns can be addressed easily. When you want that amazing location shoot but time and money don’t allow for it, give me a call. Together we can work out a concept to give you that amazing, powerful advertising, editorial or corporate communications image you are looking for. This image has garnered numerous awards in professional photography competitions including a best-in-show award at The Professional Photographers of Greater New York (PPGNY) competition and a Court of Honor Award at the state level in the annual competition of The Professional Photographers Society of New York State (PPSNYS).