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Women In Business LI NYC Long Island Portraits

The power of the internet can only be harnessed by those people that build their online brands with strong visuals. Videos, graphics and strong photographs all combine to make the best impression in your online storefront or office. All executives should have a strong headshot which can be used for public relations, press releases as well as for profile pictures for all of the social media platforms that they participate in. In many cases, however, a great head shot is simply not enough. Take a look, for example, at this location portrait that was done for a powerful Long Island Social Media Professional. As an influencer in luxury markets she wanted to create a picture on location in a very upscale restaurant; to portray the look of success and the feel of elegant fashion and dining. I enjoy creating dynamic images for businessmen and businesswomen to help them further their brands. A photo shoot like this takes some collaboration ahead of time to not only discuss the theme one wishes to project, but also the logistics of session…in other words the where, when and why of desired photographic image. Long Island and New York City corporate executives, business owners, public relations specialists and the like are invited to contact me at my studio to discuss your ideas for a dramatic branding portrait.