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Royalton Roslyn Country Club Wedding Photos

This image was taken in the bride’s home on the morning of her wedding day. I saw the "Love" sign on the living room wall and knew it would be the perfect compliment for a picture of the bride’s dress. After taking this photograph the bride got dressed and her father got to see his little girl in her wedding dress. What a beautiful, emotion-filled moment. Less than a hour later he would escort his daughter up the aisle at St. Catherine of Sienna Church in Franklin Square, NY and a second man, her groom, would be brought to tears of happiness. After church the bride and groom, their bridal party and families would travel to the wedding reception venue: The Royalton Mansion at Roslyn Country club, one of Nassau County, Long Island’s most elegant catering facilities. I am proud to say that I am one of the recommended house vendors at The Royalton and have a lot of experience working there. If you are planning a Royalton wedding, give me a call to discuss your plans for the big day.