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Top Long Island Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite parts of your wedding day is the time when the bride, her maid of honor and her bridesmaids are getting ready for the big day ahead. The excitement of hairstyling and makeup artistry...putting on the gowns and the reveal...the first look...are amazing and emotional moments which are preserved forever by your professional wedding photographer. During this part of the wedding day I always create some beautiful portraits of the bride. What better time to do this as her makeup is fresh and perfect, her hairstyle was just completed and she is wearing her wedding dress for the first time. This intimate, reflective portrait of the bride was created in her home on Coney Island, New York using the natural available light that was streaming through a window. There is nothing quite like the soft glow of window light and I create portraits using this light on virtually every one of the weddings I photograph. It is my job to make my brides look beautiful and call upon many years of experience to create the most stunning, flattering images of all of my wedding clients.