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Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Pictures

One of the most popular requests I get from my wedding clients is to give their pictures an old-fashioned, vintage look. This type of request can be handled in a number of different ways. One of the more popular treatments is to process an image in a sepia toned effect like the photograph you are looking at here. There are other vintage effects on display elsewhere on my web site including traditional black and white, selenium toning and cross processing. It is funny that people think this is a relatively new idea when, in fact, great photographers started the pursuit of their craft with B & W imaging. Only the most proficient of professional wedding photographers got involved with color film and print processing before today’s digital era. I was one of them and the things I learned along the way have given me the command of digital retouching and enhancement that I employ today. When choosing your professional wedding photographer ask to see some before-and-after examples of the treatment(s) they employ to render vintage, old fashioned photo effects. Do they look like the simple editing tricks that you can do yourself on Instagram or do they look like classic, timeless images? Simply taking the color out of an image and digitally toning it does not make it a great vintage photograph. Other elements of great vintage photography include employing lighting techniques that emulate those used years ago. Stop by my studio. I’d love to show you, in person, the difference between digital "editing" and truly extraordinary photo retouching and enhancement.