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Vintage Style Wedding Dress Headpiece Veil Photos

I always tell my brides: You are going to spend a fortune on your wedding gown. Make sure it looks fabulous in every single photograph you take on your wedding day. This bride chose one of the most unique wedding dress, headpiece and veil combinations I’ve seen in years. Stylized in a vintage fashion and adorned with exquisite lace and beadwork. Even the decorations added to her bridal bouquet had hints of the bright accents among the roses and call lilies. This portrait was made at the bride’s home just prior to her leaving for the wedding ceremony at Infant Jesus RC Church in Port Jefferson, NY. The image was lit 100% by the natural, available light streaming through a window in her home. I love using window light for portraits such as these as it is such a soft, flattering light source when commanded properly. One of the first things I do when I arrive for the bride’s preparations is to walk around the premises to scout out great light that may be streaming through any of the windows. To me the background is secondary to the quality of light. It’s all about the light! The background will generally be rendered out of focus anyway which draws the viewer’s eye to the subject. Great portraits just don’t happen. They are crafted by professional wedding photographers who are experienced in capturing great light in any situation.