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It’s all in the details. Flowers, fashion, jewelry, invitations, wedding rings, the bride’s shoes, her engagement rings, programs and favors, personalized menus, wedding cakes and their toppers, etc, etc. The list is endless. All of those little items that you research and choose that contribute to the overall theme of your wedding. You go to great lengths to choose each of these components and it is the duty of your professional wedding photographer to document each and every one of them for a lifetime of memories. I was taken by the utter simplicity of this appliqué at the waistline of the bride’s wedding gown...the way it accented the way in which the fabric of the wedding dress draped over itself at this spot. The vertical and horizontal pleats in the designer gown joined at this point creating a truly unique wedding gown style. I can’t tell you who the designer was but I can say that it was one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen.