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Wedding Photography Vanderbilt, Oheka, deSeversky, Glen Cove, Royalton

Just a great casual picture of a bride and groom looking at each other romantically. I am always asked by my contemporary brides to create images which look casual and spontaneous. They have heard of photographers that adopt a photojournalistic style and capture everything candidly, without "posing". The fact of the matter, however, is that you will need to be directed on your wedding day in order for you to look your best. A great professional wedding photographer will know how to position you in the most flattering manner, and how to squeeze out the emotions from even the most reserved subjects. This image was created on the grounds of the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport, NY. This is a fabulous location for wedding photography with the mansion, it’s cobblestone courtyard, it’s views of Northport Harbor and Long Island Sound; and it offers dramatic interior photo opportunities as well. For this image I used a long telephoto lens for two reasons. First, by choosing a large lens aperture I would make the background go out of focus, drawing the viewer’s attention to the couple. Secondly, by being back a good distance away from the bride and groom makes them less self-conscious and more likely to experience an intimate moment like this one. Most great wedding photographs don’t just happen by themselves. It is usually the careful direction and technical experience of a veteran wedding photographer working with you to bring out the best in you.