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NYC Hotel Waldorf Pierre Park Lane Wedding Pictures

Location, location, location. Sometimes the location really does make the photograph. Even a simple detail shot of the bride’s dress before she puts it on can be enhanced by presenting it in a different manner. I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of photographing weddings at some of the most elegant, upscale hotel venues in New York City. The Park Lane, The Pierre, The Waldorf Astoria, The Essex House and The Ritz Carlton in Battery Park.I’ll never forget walking into this bride’s bedroom and seeing the magnificent four-poster bed in her room and immediately thinking "...I need to hang her wedding dress up there for a picture...". This is one of my favorite details images of all time and one that was appreciated not only by my bride, but also by the professional photographic community. I entered this image into the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International print competition in 2014 where it scored in excess of 85 points and was brought back for review in consideration for one of the most prestigious awards in the professional photography community. When I set out to photograph a wedding...your wedding...I get myself in the mindset that everyone of my clients is unique and special. Everyone has a story to tell and a personality to capture. Too many wedding photographers treat their craft as "just a job"... doing the same old pictures, over and over again, on every assignment. Conversely, I treat every assignment as a gift...a chance to do something unique, something special, for every one of my wonderful clients. Sometimes a shot as special as this one just falls into your lap. Most times you have to work much harder and call upon all of your creative resources to create truly special, meaningful, unique memories for your clients. I know there are tougher ways to earn a living and I’m sure there are ways to earn a better living. But I LOVE what I do and I’m grateful for every client that grants me the privilege of capturing the memories of the biggest day of their lives.