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Windmill Wedding Photo North Fork Long Island

This lovely image of the bride and groom was captured at a vintage windmill located on the North Fork of Long Island, convenient to the many wineries and vineyards that are hosting wedding celebrations these days. Whether you’re having your wedding at Macari Vineyards, Raphael, Martha Clara or Vineyard Caterers, this quaint location is nearby. This bride and groom were hosting their party at the amazing venue, Giorgio’s…located right up the road from this windmill. This image was presented in a vintage-looking sepia toned look to add to the old-fashioned feel of the photograph. When choosing a wedding photographer for your big day take a good close look at their black and white (and sepia-toned) images. The effect in the image you are looking at here can’t be created with your smart phone’s filters or an Instagram edit. Great black and white images will have really impact….pure dark blacks, bright, bright whites and dozens of shades of grey in between. A great wedding photographer will be able to capture all of the nuances in the foreground of the image while retaining detail in the skies above…even on a bright sunny day such as this one. Look for these things when you are looking for the perfect wedding photographer to capture your memories in a professional and artistic manner.