Elegant High Fashion Model Poses In Stunning Gold Gown
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Elegant High Fashion Model Poses In Stunning Gold Gown

"Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them are."

– Anne Klein

That is one of my favorite quotes that has emerged from the world of high fashion. And one of my favorite things about exploring AI photography and image making is that true, high quality, fashion photographs are no longer the exclusive domain of conventional photographers. This image was created for a local dress shop owner that I’ve known for years through our association in the wedding and catering industry on Long Island, NY. Her shop specializes in formal gowns for proms and Mothers of the Bride & Groom for wedding days. She wanted a dramatic, powerful elegant photograph of a beautiful fashion model, but didn’t have the budget necessary to hire a top model and a great fashion photographer. She could, however, handle the minimal expense of having a computer-generated AI image created to fulfill her needs. Images like this cost pennies on the dollar when compared to staging elaborate photographic shoots. Behind the scenes of a glamorous fashion photo shoot lies a complex web of preparations and expenses that contribute to the creation of visually stunning images. First and foremost, meticulous planning is essential. This involves conceptualizing the shoot, defining the theme, and selecting a location that complements the aesthetic vision. The choice of models, wardrobe, and accessories is crucial to conveying the intended message. Collaborating with a skilled team, including a photographer, stylist, makeup artist, and hairstylist, ensures that every detail aligns with the desired outcome. Because the AI image generation process dictates that every image is a unique interpretation, using statistical models and algorithms to analyze and draw inferences from patterns in the data that it is given, you won’t find this particular model’s face anywhere else. The process is relatively simple. You feed your chosen AI bot with written instructions known as prompts. The bot takes that prompt, interprets what it is you are looking for, and creates a selection of images for you. You can choose to upscale any of those images for use, create variations of any or all of the images created, or direct the bot to try again to come up with something you like more. It takes mere minutes; not hours; of expensive time…time when the meter would normally be running on the model and photographer’s clocks. AI portraiture requires very specific prompt engineering based around the craft of fine traditional portrait photography. In the world of photorealistic AI portraits, I’ve been widely recognized as one of the top practitioners. Take a few minutes to explore this “Digital Magic” image gallery and see the variety of “people” that I’ve created for my clients: models, professionals, executives, brides, skilled laborers, scientists, blue collar craftsmen, doctors, and on and on. The perfect candidate for your advertisement might already be in my extensive library of stock images. If not, I’ll create the perfect person for your needs on a moment’s notice. Let me create your perfect model and the perfect environment to feature them in. Let me help you bring your small brand’s advertising and social media displays up to the same level as the leaders in the fashion industry.