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"Puppy Love" • A Young Boy Embraces The Best Gift Ever

A breathtaking and emotionally charged image capturing the heartwarming moment when a young boy hugs his tiny 6 week old golden retriever puppy for the first time on Christmas morning. This mesmerizing, photo-realistic image effortlessly conveys the profound bond between humans and animals, transcending the barriers that separate their worlds. Simple words that carry a tremendous amount of emotion. Words that are used by experts in prompt engineering, like Michael ONeill, who are widely recognized for their ability to create emotionally-charged, photo-realistic images using AI computer-generated technology. Anyone can create an image using any of the commercially-available AI imaging tools. Creating the perfect image, one that fits a specific narrative, is a different story altogether. It involves, first of all, a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of photography. “Computers don’t do what you want them to…they do what you tell them to.” An accomplished AI prompt engineer creating photorealistic images needs to have a thorough understanding of photographic capture. Michael ONeill brings more than four decades of experience as a professional photographer to the table when he sets out about creating a computer-generated image for his clients. Smaller brands don’t have the time or human resources necessary to specialize in learning and utilizing the ever-changing & evolving visual image creation methods afforded by these modern day tools; yet they have a distinct need for great visuals for use in their advertising, marketing and social media efforts. That’s where Michael comes in. He’s done all of the “heavy lifting” for you already. He’s done all of the research, experimentation and trial & error abstracts associated with crafting photorealistic images using this emerging art form. It’s time to put the power of AI to work for your brand and the perfect place to start is with those dynamic images you visualize for use in your marketing, branding and social media efforts. Reach out to Michael to discuss your vision. Collaborate with him to make your brand all that it is capable of becoming. It’s far more affordable than you would imagine…and it’s something so powerful you can’t afford to not do it.