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Special Effects "Trash The Dress" Session

Michael ONeill has always been one of the first imaging professionals to embrace emerging technologies. The transition from printing in conventional wet darkrooms to desktop publishing. The transition from film photography (35mm, medium format and large format) to digital capture. The transition from DSLR digital cameras to today’s mirrorless wonders. It’s no wonder that he has become one of the early adopters of using AI imaging and enhancement processes in creating dynamic visuals for his clients. AI has raised the bar for photographic retouching and enhancement forever. There is no turning back. With companies like Adobe going “All In” on AI, traditional photographic techniques will soon become a quaint memory from a bygone era. As a portrait and wedding photographer whose career spanned some four decades Michael thought he had seen it all. AI changes everything. There isn’t an image now that you or your client can imagine that can’t be delivered with the help of AI! Take a look at this “Trash The Dress” themed image. Using an existing digital photographic image in combination with some AI-created elements and the Firefly technology built into the latest public version of Adobe’s Photoshop software application made this impossible image a reality. Give Michael a shout to discuss your “impossible” visions for your upcoming projects. Together you will make them become a stunning visual reality!