Adirondack ADK Mountains ADV Motorcycle Touring Travel Pictures
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Adirondack ADK Mountains ADV Motorcycle Touring Travel Pictures

"It had been a picture perfect riding day with temperatures in the mid eighties under beautiful blue skies. My motorcycle tent site was a splendid riverfront patch distanced from the more "desirable" and populated RV pads, which was just fine by me. I set up my tent facing the river, took a shower in the adequate facilities and rode into the nearby town of Warrensburg, NY for a delicious steak dinner. After dining I returned to my humble abode, curled up in my sleeping bag and slept soundly until the sun came up the next morning. The first thing I noticed was that I was cold…very cold…colder than I should have been, I thought. We didn’t have the advantage of smart phones and weather apps back then and I never saw this coming. It was VERY cold in the mountains that morning. Record low temperature for that date. The mercury had dropped 50 degrees overnight and I awoke to near-freezing temperatures, a frost covered tent and bike; and a dense evaporative fog blanketing the river; caused when extreme cold air is present over warmer water."

-Excerpt from "Road Work: Images and Insights of a Modern Day Explorer"

The excerpt above is from my Amazon #1 best selling road travel book which is available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon as well as on Apple Books; and the image you are viewing here was taken some 25 years after the Moto-camping adventure described therein. If you love motorcycle travelogues give this one a read. As the author I may be a bit biased, but I think it’s a good one. The Adirondack Mountains of New York is probably one of my favorite destinations for a motorcycle road trip. I’ve been riding there a few times every year for more than 25 years, am intimate with all of the extraordinary roads that are carved through this mountain range and have developed wonderful, long-lasting friendships with many people native to the region. My first introduction to The Adirondacks (seen as ADK on those cute little oval-shaped bumper stickers adorning the backs of cars and adventure motorcycles) was in the town of Tupper Lake, NY; a community located some 70 miles north and west of the tourist hub of Lake George, NY. This particular photograph was taken at a scenic parking area on NY Route 30 between Tupper Lake and Long Lake…a long straight stretch of mountain road that is quite easy to find yourself exceeding the posted speed limit on…especially when you’re riding a bike like this one. This picture was captured using a Nikon mirrorless camera and a Nikkor zoom lens which I carry everywhere in the top case of my BMW motorcycle. The digital image was processed in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop software on my Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer, which also travels everywhere with me. As a photographer, author, writer and adventurer I am blessed to travel the United States and Canada in the saddle of my motorcycle. My photographic images and written words have graced the pages of many magazines and online resources in the photographic, motorcycle, motorsports, travel and hospitality industries. The images you see here on my web site are just a small sample of my stock photography library (all of which is available for sale or lease) and I am available to discuss and undertake any creative project assignment that you may have in mind…preferably ones that can be accessed on two wheels. Any excuse to ride, you know.