Cabot Trail Nova Scotia Motorcycle Adventure Photography Canada
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Cabot Trail Nova Scotia Motorcycle Adventure Photography Canada

The Cabot Trail, in The Cape Breton Highlands of eastern Nova Scotia, is one of the world’s great motorcycle roads; laced with technically challenging turns, multiple elevation changes from sea level to almost 2,000 feet, over and over, again and again; all coupled with breathtaking views of The Gulf of Saint Lawrence and The North Atlantic Ocean. Unlike some of our country’s well-known motorcycle destinations, like "The Dragon" between Tennessee and North Carolina, riding the Cabot Trail is a real commitment. Once you get on it, you’re on it for more than 130 miles. ..There is a saying that every great road is really two great roads; providing different views and a different riding experience when you ride it in the two different directions. On this trip we chose to ride The Cabot Trail in a clockwise direction leaving from Chéticamp in the morning, circumnavigating all of Cape Breton Island and ultimately spending the night near Pictou, and the ferry to Prince Edward Island, some 275 miles later. Next time the plan is to ride it in both directions on the same day. 260 miles on The Cabot Trail is a full day of motorcycling. This is no boring interstate burn. It is an incredibly technical and scenic road that just begs you to stop often and take in all the grandeur that it offers.

-From the book "Road Work: Images and Insights of a Modern Day Explorer"

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Image captured on a Nikon DSLR Camera and Nikkor Zoom Lens