Motorcycle Tour Long Island Montauk Sunrise
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Motorcycle Tour Long Island Montauk Sunrise

"Rolling into Montauk I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I’ve been visiting Montauk for more than 40 years when it was known as “A quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem”. Montauk is still recognized as one of the sportfishing capitals of the world, but it is anything but a quaint little village any longer. It has taken on all of the glitz and glamour of The Hamptons and has become a most desirable summer resort destination…with exorbitant oceanfront hotel rates commensurate with its new-found status."

-Excerpt from “Road Work: Images and Insights of a Modern Day Explorer"

The excerpt above is from my Amazon #1 best selling road travel book which is available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon as well as on Apple Books. If you love motorcycle travelogues give this one a read. As the author I may be just a little bit biased, but I happen to think it’s a great one.

Not all of my photographs are created on lengthy, long distance motorcycle journeys far from my home. Some of my favorite images are created during day rides or overnighters, on my BMW motorcycle, right here on beautiful Long Island. This is one of those images. This long exposure photograph was captured at Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk, NY. The image was captured using a Nikon mirrorless camera equipped with a Nikkor zoom lens. Come to think of it, I was probably traveling on one of my Harley-Davidson motorcycles when this image was created. The original digital image was processed using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom software on my Apple MacBook Pro computer. A little enhancement work in Photoshop gave the image it’s soft watercolor like feeling, and ultimately printing it on a very high quality Gicleé paper leads many a viewer to think this is a painting, not a photograph. I hope you enjoy viewing this image as much as I did creating it. Thanks for taking a look. My photographic images and written words have graced the pages of many magazines and online resources in the photographic, motorcycle, motorsports, travel and hospitality industries. The images you see here on my web site are just a small sample of my body of stock photography work (all of which is available for sale or lease) and I am available to discuss and undertake any creative project assignment that you may have in mind…preferably ones that can be accessed on two wheels. I’ll take any excuse to ride, you know.