Quebec St. Lawrence Motorcycle Trip Photographer and Writer Picture
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Quebec St. Lawrence Motorcycle Trip Photographer and Writer Picture

I recall one trip in particular, about 10 years back in the northeastern most reaches of Canada’s Québec Province that are located below the Saint Lawrence River. My girlfriend and I were heading west from Mont Joli and Rimouski towards Québec City on an unusually hot summer day. The temperatures had climbed well up into the high 90’s but the breeze blowing in over the cool waters of the St. Lawrence River made it feel as if we were riding in an air conditioned automobile. A perfect motorcycling day who’s details are still as fresh in my mind today as they were when we were rolling down Route 132…ironically known as "The Navigator’s Route".

One thing that seasoned travelers in this area know is that gas stations are few and far between and it wasn’t long before the fuel gauge was showing a perilously low level remaining on board. We left the highway and found a gas station in short order only to discover that there was no re-entry to the highway at that particular exit. Long story short…the GPS guided us through 30 miles of remote back roads, some with no names, winding through miles and miles of farmland until we reached the next entrance back onto Route 132. We never passed a single person of whom we might have asked directions. Even if we had, we didn’t speak French and communication would have been marginal at best. Chalk one up in the win column for GPS technology.

-Excerpt from "Road Work: Images and Insights of a Modern Day Explorer"

The excerpt above is from my Amazon #1 best selling road travel book which is available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon as well as on Apple Books. If you love motorcycle travelogues give this one a read. As the author I may be just a little bit biased, but I happen to think it’s a great one...This photo, of my Harley-Davidson touring bike, was taken during the trip mentioned above…just before we left the highway in search of fuel, if I recall properly. What an absolutely glorious day of riding this was. By nightfall we would be in a wonderful hotel in Québec City and enjoying some of the local fare at a spectacular dining venue where we were the only English-speaking persons. I’ll never forget that evening, either. The French-speaking locals tried as hard to communicate with us as we did with them. The universal languages of hospitality, friendliness and patience got us all through. As a photographer, author, writer, long distance motorcycle rider, educator and adventurer I am blessed to travel all throughout the United States and Canada. These kinds of journeys are what I live for. My photographic images and written words have reached the pages of many magazines and online portals in the photographic, motorcycle, motorsports, travel and hospitality industries. The images you see here on my web site are just a small portion of my body of stock photographic work (all of which is available for sale or lease) and I am available to discuss and undertake any creative project assignment that you may have in mind…preferably ones that can be accessed on my current BMW motorcycle’s two wheels. After all…I’ll use any excuse to ride; and what better reason to ride than one that encompasses all of the things I am passionate about..