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Portraiture is more than simply taking a flattering photograph of someone. Great portrait artists capture the personalities...the true essence...of the subjects in front of their lens. My foray into the world of portraiture started as a natural extension of my work as a wedding photographer. Though my wedding photography places a lot of emphasis on capturing candid, spontaneous moments; it is the portraits that capture and preserve the true beauty of my wedding couples, their families and their friends. Though I spend a lot of my time and energy on my wedding photography endeavors, my portrait work is some of the most exciting and fulfilling work I do.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of studying with and learning from some of the most accomplished portrait artists in the photography world. I attended week long seminars with both Monte Zucker and Don Blair, two of the most accomplished portrait artists of all time. I spent another week with Dean Collins; one of the most knowledgeable and inspirational educators of all time. In one week Dean taught me more about photographic lighting than most photographers will learn in a lifetime. This education, coupled with my studies of both the old masters and the most contemporary artists have influenced my style of portrait making. The scope of my portrait work is vast...from simple studio mini-sessions to complicated, multi-faceted commercial projects involving complex digital compositing techniques. There are examples of both extremes, and everything in between, in the portrait gallery on this web site.

The studio mini sessions are the ideal solution for businessmen and businesswomen. Perhaps you need a new professional head shot. A real estate agent who wishes to put their picture on business cards and property for sale signs. A business person who needs an attractive head shot for use on their web site, LinkedIn profile or a press release. Whatever your simple portrait needs are I can handle them quickly, efficiently and at a cost-effective price point. These sessions normally last no more than 15 minutes so they won't take up much of your limited, valuable time. Following the session I will set up a gallery online for you to view your portrait choices. The image you choose will then be expertly retouched and enhanced to make you look your absolute best. The image will then be delivered to you in your choice of formats. Some people will still choose the 8 X 10 print option but most folks today opt for digital delivery...where I provide you with a high resolution digital file that can be used for a multitude of purposes.

More involved studio portrait sessions are offered for a variety of clients and again I refer you to the portrait image gallery on this web site. Perhaps you are an expectant mother who wishes to document this special time of your life. Maternity sessions are done in our studio to capture whatever stage or stages of your pregnancy you wish to preserve. Maybe you are an aspiring modelactor, actress or musician in need of new, up to date, dynamic head shots. Some clients come to me to create flattering images for online dating sites such as Match.com, eHarmony, Zoosk, OurTime.com, Chemistry.com, etc. These sessions can be scheduled to coincide with appointments you may make with your hair stylist or make up artist. I also offer elegant boudoir sessions in the studio. These sessions capture your true feminine essence in an extremely tasteful, elegant, yet sexy way. Print selections from these sessions make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts for that special man in your life. Many of my soon-to-be brides enjoy one of these sessions and present a finished print or album of images to their groom as a wedding gift. Most women simply do these wonderful sessions for themselves and love the beauty that a skilled photographic artist finds in them.

The most challenging and rewarding portrait projects I work on are those for large advertising, public relations, editorial and corporate clients. I incorporate my portraiture with my skills as a digital artist to create magical digital compositions. There are a few examples of this style of my portraiture here on this web site. Virtually anything can be done in the computer these days and the only limits are in your imagination or mine. I have placed high level executives, CEOs and corporate officers in remote manufacturing and industrial locations without taking up more than a few minutes of their valuable time. A few minutes in my studio and your executive can be placed anywhere in the world. For clients who's time is severely restricted, and can't even find the time to visit my studio, I can capture the portrait at any location of your choice. I have made portraits of professional athletes and placed them in remote sports venues. There are no logistical restrictions to the imagination. Some of my digital composite images have been commissioned for magazine editorials, advertisements, annual reports and other hard copy or online communications. I welcome, and thoroughly enjoy, collaborating with other creative people on projects of this nature. Call me today and we can brainstorm the perfect image for your needs.